We want poems that will tear us apart, and put us back together in a different way, poems that love us while they hurt us, not just to get a laugh, but because they want us to be our best selves. Though we do love a good laugh.


I Can Count To 10

I Can Count To 10 is a collection of mini-anthologies made of poems that are just as comfortable with being spoken, as they are with being read. These poems don’t give a shit how old their author is, or how many publication credits they have, as long as you can hear their voice running through your head for the next 2 weeks, even though you haven’t heard the poet speak yet.

These poems live at night, but are better read with more of the day in front of you. They tickle your pits, then slap your face. They comb you hair, and cut your pockets. These poems will organize your CD collection, the way you like it, but scratch every one, cause THEY’RE THE DJ, but you’ll love it, cause, WOW, THEY’ RE A REALLY GOOD DJ.

Open for submissions on a rolling basis (though we solicit poems as well). Send 2-3 previously unpublished poems, I’ll choose 1. No length or theme restrictions, read past volumes. Attach poems all in one word document, along with a small bio and author photo, to Put I Can Count To 10 submission in the subject line.


The submission period is open for All My Cares: a marijuana-infused anthology until April 20, 2020. Co-Editors Siaara Freeman & jeff taylor want pot stories from every angle, the glory and the gutter. We love weed and we want to hear your best weed stories, but we know people fuck-up, and the system is definitely fucked up, so we want to hear those stories too. Send one previously unpublished pot-based poem as a word document to


Closed unless through solicitation.