I Can Count To 10

I Can Count To 10 is an occasionally published on-line journal made of poems that carry a knife, and laugh while they tell you your favorite story.

These poems will be there for you if you can’t sleep, but are better read with more of the day in front of you.

Open for submissions on a rolling basis (though we solicit poems as well). Send 2-3 previously unpublished poems, I’ll choose 1. No length or theme restrictions, read past volumes. Attach poems all in one Word document, along with a small bio and author photo, to Put I Can Count To 10 submission in the subject line.


The submission period is open for All My Cares: a marijuana-infused anthology until April 20, 2020. Co-Editors Siaara Freeman & jeff taylor want pot stories from every angle, the glory and the gutter. We love weed and we want to hear your best weed stories, but we know people fuck-up, and the system is definitely fucked up, so we want to hear about how weed fits into that too. Send one previously unpublished pot-based poem as a word document to


Closed unless through solicitation.