I Can Count To 10 vol.3

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Invisible Floor by Anson Rap$

The Sweetest Swing In Baseball by Zeke Russell

The Shock of Relaxation by Colin Dodds

Scavengers by arathy asok

Vexillology (Studying the Flag) by Matt Mason

Squeeze by Gale Acuff

On being asked why I have written more poems for my daughter than I have for my son.

by Brittany Rodgers

Abuela Stares America in the Face or Manifest Destiny is Swallowed in an Earthquake by Brandon Melendez

OG Grandma by Ricky Orng

Un-Stitched by Ankita Anand

on being called out by Sean Patrick Mulroy





Invisible Floor


When you believe in the invisible floor,

You have reached the point called rock bottom.

Maybe you have tripped or fallen,


Or forgotten a calling?

Your physical & mental argue like old couples

The destruction is like a menstrual cycle.


Your eyes stare at a rifle that you believe

Is pointed by outside forces,

Can you see how your fingers are now perceived!?

Breathe, the trees keep telling you,

But you dont listen,

You just keep looking down to see if security has arrived.


Do you see your feet?

They are still standing.

They are still standing.


So trust in them.



Anson Rap$ is an American recording artist who likes to merge lyrical wordplay with visual storytelling. Known for his big ideas and his ability of balancing his love of painting and illustrating, ANSON plans on showing the marriage of his art and music talents with his debut EP “Self Portrait” expected to release in Late 2018.



I Can Count To 10 v ol.3 # October – November 2017 # I Can Count To 10 vol.3





The Sweetest Swing In Baseball


“That's all I do: hit. When I get the chance I got to get it done, for my team"

David Ortiz


David Ortiz was signed by the Boston Red Sox

just prior to the 03 season.

Which was also just

about the time my opiate

habit really started to turn into a thing.

By the time they lost to the Yanks in seven

I was injecting instead of just crushing, or snorting.


I got clean the next year in April

seven days into the 2004 season,

the year they finally broke the curse.


I remember standing

in front of that TV

in October

watching that tie score in game

four against the yanks

inning after inning.

Chain smoking,

saying COME ON

I need this man.

I get up every day and go

to my shitty job, and the only

thing I do that matters is

I don’t get high.

I don't have anything else

and I fucking need this


I've told this story so many times:

how David saved my life

with that homer.

Or, how I broke the curse

by not giving up.

But the other day

I watched a replay

of his winning at bat on YouTube.


That swing was so sweet,

technically perfect,

body torqued

completely into the motion of follow through.


Exactly the way

he did it in batting practice.

Exactly the way

he always did it,

like he just knew how.


Like he did it,

Every single day.



Zeke Russell grew up in Central Maine surrounded by artists and lumberjacks. Since then he’s been a cook, a teacher, a security guard and a social worker. In 2008, while living in Lowell, Mass., he rediscovered poetry through the performance zine OutLet. This led him to the Mill City Slam, and thence to the Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab Lounge. He moved to Boston in 2011. His work has appeared in Drunk In a Midnight Choir, Wyvern Lit, Maps For Teeth and Printer’s Devil Review.



I Can Count To 10 v ol.3 # October – November 2017 # I Can Count To 10 vol.3




The Shock of Relaxation


And you’re living

every day

like you’re avenging

your own death


But one day

the wind rubs you down

polishes you up


The hand pulled back to hit

returns with a caress

and like that, you’re perfect

for a second


Naturally, you

fuck that up, too

But you get that second

and maybe another one


The wind has a talent

for making it all seem quite far

like an industrial park

from a passing car


The corrugated walls

and ample slather of pave

are, for these fecund seconds,

neither your ward nor your word


Scrutiny won’t do

All there is is to let it

slide across your eyes

and to follow it

when it disappears