I Can Count To 10 volume 4


Cover Art: jeff taylor

 I Can Count To 10  volume 4

all geese are sad by Catherine Weiss

Hector Husband by Ken Pobo

Breaking Things by Valentina Cano

13 Dreams from my Dream Journal by Josh Elbaum

Goodbye, Queer Dinosaurs  by Lauren Yates

Fear of a Bicyclist by John Grey

Something Fishy Going on at Seaworld by Shappy Seaholtz

Minus by Corey Howard

By Design by Zev Torres

Rebooting by Elias Evander

A Bunch of Specific Rats by Valerie Loveland

Nothing to Forgive by Barbara Dahlberg

My Trans by Kai Bobbi

Bad Air by Tony Brown

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I Can Count To 10 v ol.4 # February – March 2018 # I Can Count To 10 vol.4

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