I Can Count To 10 volume 3

ICCTT V3 cover

Cover Art: jeff taylor

I Can Count To 10  volume 3

Invisible Floor by Anson Rap$

The Sweetest Swing In Baseball by Zeke Russell

The Shock of Relaxation by Colin Dodds

Scavengers by arathy asok

Vexillology (Studying the Flag) by Matt Mason

Squeeze by Gale Acuff

On being asked why I have written more poems for my daughter than I have for my son.

by Brittany Rodgers

Abuela Stares America in the Face or Manifest Destiny is Swallowed in an Earthquake by Brandon Melendez

OG Grandma by Ricky Orng

Un-Stitched by Ankita Anand

on being called out  by Sean Patrick Mulroy

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I Can Count To 10 vol.3 # October – November 2017 # I Can Count To 10 vol.3

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