I Can Count To 10 volume 2

ICCTT V2 cover

Cover Art: jeff taylor


I Can Count To 10  volume 2


My Mother’s Child by Jasmin Roberts

Ain’t Never Lied by Jared Paul

A 50s themed diner serves my family for breakfast by Sara Mae

America by Valerie Lawson

In a Place Where Everyone Was Empty by Victor Infante

Soundscape- 51 Holworthy Street by Evan Cutts

Everyday Is A Black Girl by Siaara Freeman

gray-black-broke by Justice Gaines

ode to stubbing your toe (after Angel Nafis) by Myles Em Taylor

the bullet teaches us how to dance by Daphne Gottlieb

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I Can Count To 10 vol.2 # August – September 2017 # I Can Count To 10 vol. 2

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