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Untitled from the Untitled:

10 Years of Poetry Slam

and Spoken Word in Lowell, MA


Editors: Douglas Bishop,
Ricky Orng and jeff taylor
Cover Art: Douglas Bishop
ISBN: 978-0-9978212-3-9


Mill City comes alive in this anthology of poems that call Lowell home, featuring the work of Ricky Orng, Anthony Febo, Greta Wilensky, Diamond Asaneh, Joey Banh, Danielle Bennett, Douglas Bishop, Joe Bordeleau, Madison Brown, Jonathan Brumy, Shampy, Janet Egan, Daniel Ernst, Alex Hicks, Nancy Jasper, Masada Jones, Susan Le, Amanda Malnati, Sarah Masse, Princess Moon, Amanda Rocha, Zeke Russell, Patrick S. and jeff taylor.

From the Introduction by Anthony Febo:

“The Youth of the city have and always will be the backbone of the open mic. The space has been curated with them in mind, because we recognize that, in order to build something that is sustainable, we have to make sure that we are accounting for longevity.  The open mic serves as a home for anyone that doubts the value of their own voice.” 


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the Man at the Door:

New & Collected Poems

by Ryk McIntyre

forward by Will Gibson
Edltor: jeff taylor
ISBN: 978-0-9978212-1-5

Ryk McIntyre has been taking poetry fans through dark, witty, often hysterical doors for multiple decades, and now, with his new book, the Man at the Door: New & Collected Poems, from Broken Head Press, Ryk has opened them all and is shining his light in every corner.