Located in Malden, MA, Broken Head Press is a project-based publisher of poetry chapbooks, anthologies, and the bi-monthly on-line publication, I Can Count To 10.

We are an off-the-wall collection of skewed writers and intentional editors dedicated to the idea that when some other calls out into the abyss there will be, not just an echo back, but a community of weirdo’s and not-wanted’s waiting to lift them up out of the blank stare that comes too often during our day-to-day. We will be there with our words, our stories, with the moments we hold to the light in the up-late-nights when only a book can make you feel like you belong somewhere.

poems for life.

E-mail feedback to editor, jeff taylor at broken.head.press@gmail.com.



jeff taylor writes and draws in Malden, MA, where he is the editor of Broken Head Press. You can find his poems online at Word Riot, Maps For Teeth, and Unlikely Stories

He is the author of Heroes Make Better Sandwiches Than People (broken pencils press 2017), and Editor @ I Can Count To 10.



Ryk McIntyre has weathered the poetry world for the better part of 40 years, having performed, toured, published, mentored, and emceed.

He is the author of “After Everything Burns” (Sargent Press 2013) and co-editor of “Look! Up in the Sky” (Sacred Fools Press 2006) and “Multi-verse” (Write Bloody Press 2014), as well as, Book Editor @ Broken Head Press.