Book Release & I Can Count To 10 Spotlights

logo with readingsJuly 14, 2018
The Gallery
480 Main St Malden, MA
$5 admission.

8 local poets whose work has appeared in I Can Count To 10 showcase their talents at The Gallery in Malden.

Broken Head Press also publishes books of poetry, and will be launching the release of punk poet, Ryk McIntyre’s book, The Man at the Door: New & Selected Poems, to the local audience at a special price.

The evening will start at 6:30pm with an open mic, get there early, or email, to reserve your spot, as time will be limited (Doors at 6pm).

7:00pm-9:00pm, I Can Count To 10 Poets Spotlight featuring:
Myles Taylor
Catherine Weiss
Corey Howard
Victor Infante
Sam Cha
Jasmin Roberts
Zeke Russell

9:15pm-9:45 Ryk McIntyre, Man at the Door: New & Selected Poems book release featured set.

From the Introduction by Jesse Parent:

“This book is real and hasn’t bothered to fix its teeth. Ryk takes the reader on a winding stage, flips you off, and maybe make you feel grateful for the boot to the head he gave you during the last set.

Ryk McIntyre is punk rock… with a cane.

And you better be ready to duck.”


In The Man at the Door, Ryk McIntyre chronicles a hard-won life. “You can carry only so much loss,” he writes, “what your hands remember, fades.” From grief to chronic illness to the reverie of “three-chord animal sweat,” McIntyre offers wisdom, cynicism, and, yes, gratitude. He thanks the bus that did not hop a curb and the former lovers who were not serial killers in playful yet rigorous examination of his own mortality. A survival journey worth its words. -Jeanann Verlee, author of“Racing Hummingbirds, Said the Manic to the Muse”, and “prey”

Taken as a whole, the poems in Ryk McIntyre’s second collection suggest the experience of looking at an exquisite tapestry, worn and frayed, that nonetheless continues to dazzle and intrigue. Follow one thread and find a dense, intense meditation on mortality and disability (“My Car Is Broken”); trace another to a slyly erotic take on the murky world of online dating (“OkCupid is to Dating, as Salmon is to…”); tug on another to a surreal, nearly dreamlike meditation on reality, danger, and risk (“The Man At The Door”). The overall voice is that of a man who has experienced much, struggled with much, and still maintains hope in love, connection, and redemption. An important collection from an important voice. –Tony Brown, Poet and guitarist of The Duende Project

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